Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fun Friday!

The students had to take the sticky notes with times written on them and make the clocks say the right time.

The students take an addition sheet, bear counters and a black and orange color mat to a spot.  The student look at the first number in the problem and put that many bears on the black side of the mat.  Then they look at the second number in the problem and put that many bears on the orange side of the mat.  Then, they count how many bears there are altogether and write the total in the answer box.  For some students, I will use an orange marker and a black marker to color code their addition paper.

I am thinking of making this a seasonal activity by changing the mat colors and using seasonal counters.

Putting number words in order to 20.

Putting numbers in order to 20.

Roll 1, 2, 3, or 4 die (depending on what level you are on), write the total in the box and then count on using the acorns.

This is a number comparing activity that I laminated from the mailbox.

A student is reading a book about creation.

A student is re-telling "The Three Bears" using the flannel graph.
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