Sunday, October 20, 2013

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

I also teach the Kindergarten and First Grade Sunday School class at my church.  We made this cute project to go along with learning about Joseph and his coat of many colors.
Before class, I cut a bunch of construction paper into one inch strips.  I also drew the outline of a coat on a strip of white bulletin board paper.

When the kids arrived at class, I showed them how they could take a few strips of paper and cut them into small pieces.

Then, I showed them how to glue the pieces onto the coat.

It was a great fine motor activity, as well as following directions.  One of my students was having a hard time understanding that he had to glue the paper inside the outline of the coat, not outside.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Community Helpers- Fire Fighters

Here are some things that we did for the week that we talked about Fire Fighters!
The Fire Chief let us use the fire hose to knock over the cones on our visit to the fire station.

Trying to "put out the fire".

Learning about being a Fire Fighter.

Fire Truck Snack
Fire Hats

Creation Book

In addition to making the ever popular creation snack, we also made a creation book to go along with our learning of the days of creation.

Day 1:  Light and Dark/ Day and Night
Day 2:  Sky, Clouds and Water
Day 3:  Dry Land/ Trees/  Plants

Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars
Day 5: Fish and Birds

Day 6: Animals and Man

Day 7:  God Rested

Book Cover
Book Cover
 View My Creation Snack Idea HERE

Finger Paint and Silly Putty

 Have you ever made silly putty with your class?  It is very easy and fun to make.  Just mix two bottle of glue with your favorite color paint.  Fill up an empty bottle of glue with liquid starch.  Mix together.  Add some Lysol to keep the mixture from being too sticky.

Stop Light Snack And Police Officer Unit

When we talk about police officers in Kindergarten, we also talk about traffic safety and crossing the street.  I had a police officer, who is also one of our first graders' father, come in and talk about being a police officer and show off his police car.  At the end of the week, we had a stoplight snack for Fun Friday.  I gave each student a graham cracker and showed them how to break it in half.  Then, I gave them a scoop of white frosting and showed them how to frost their crackers.  Finally, I passed out red, yellow and green M&M's and showed them how to put them on their crackers to make it look like a stop light!  The kids loved it!
We also practice following traffic safety rules by riding our bikes around the school.  We got to ride a couple of laps around before it started pouring!  The bike riding also went along with our first grade reading story about a family that went on a bike hike.

The Bob Jones University Press Curriculum that we use for kindergarten also had police officer hats and badges for the kids to make!

Spirit Week

Every year around the third week of September we have Spirit Week.  We pick four themes and have the students and teachers dress up.  On Friday we play volleyball and football games and we play teachers/alumni against students and we end the week off with some hotdogs and chips.  It is a great week and we always have great participation!  This year we had Super Hero Day, Duct Tape day, Famous Person Day and we always have Army Day on Friday.

Famous Person Day

Power Ranger outfit- Made entirely out of Duct Tape

Luigi and Me (Mario)

Duct Tape Dress

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Fine Motor Worksheet

Check out my Fall Fine Motor Worksheets.  There are 18 different fine motor worksheets in the packet.  You can print them out and use them as worksheets or you can laminate and use with a dry erase marker in a learning center. 

Check it out at my TPT store:  FALL FINE MOTOR
Normal price is $2.00, but from now until Wednesday (October 9th), you can get it for only $1.80.  Also the first 3 people to comment below, I will email them a free copy!


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