Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Three Little Pigs

This week we are doing a unit on favorite books. One of the books included in the unit was The Three Little Pigs. Today, we read the original big book by Paul Galdone. In math we are studying clocks, so when we got to the part about the wolf asking the pig to meet him at certain times, I passed out Judy clocks and had the students make their clocks show the time that the wolf was supposed to meet the pig and predict what time the pig would actually leave. After we read the story, I had the students write a paper about what they would have made their house out of if they were one of the three little pigs. Then, we worked on the letter g and I worked with small groups on a reading story about pigs. The students took the story home to read again for homework.
Predicting times during The Three Little Pigs

A kindergartener would build his house out of bricks.

One kindergartener would choose bricks because they're hard.  Another kindergartener would make his house out of bricks because it would look cool.
Practicing little g and big G with whiteboards before trying it on paper.
Practicing little g on paper.
Small group reading paper.

End of the unit reading book, "The Three Cats".  We read it in small groups first and then I send it home for homework.

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