Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stop Light Snack And Police Officer Unit

When we talk about police officers in Kindergarten, we also talk about traffic safety and crossing the street.  I had a police officer, who is also one of our first graders' father, come in and talk about being a police officer and show off his police car.  At the end of the week, we had a stoplight snack for Fun Friday.  I gave each student a graham cracker and showed them how to break it in half.  Then, I gave them a scoop of white frosting and showed them how to frost their crackers.  Finally, I passed out red, yellow and green M&M's and showed them how to put them on their crackers to make it look like a stop light!  The kids loved it!
We also practice following traffic safety rules by riding our bikes around the school.  We got to ride a couple of laps around before it started pouring!  The bike riding also went along with our first grade reading story about a family that went on a bike hike.

The Bob Jones University Press Curriculum that we use for kindergarten also had police officer hats and badges for the kids to make!

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