Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apples! Apples! Apples!

Apple Game:  Use red and green pompoms to put the correct number of apples on the apple tree.
Apple Game
Apple Worm Game:  Use the apples to practice counting to 20.  Have a student call out a number.  Turn the apple over and check if there is a worm under the apple.  Game is over when students find all three apples.

My students love finding the worm!
Apple Grid Work
I did this project with kindergarten and first grade on Fun Friday.  The first graders and most of the kindergarteners caught on after doing a couple together.  A few of my kindergarteners struggled with this, since they had never done anything like it before.
Another student working hard.
I had the students try a red apple, a green apple and a yellow apple.

Then, I put three trees on the board with red, yellow and green at the bottom and I used magnetic paper from Walmart to print out pictures of them in the shape of an apple.  (I covered their faces in this picture for privacy.)  I had the students put their apple picture on the tree that had the color word of the apple that tasted the best to them.  I will use the apple pictures and trees in the future, to have them answer yes/no questions.
Apple Paper Plate Project  (Another project inspired by

Tear one inch strips of red and yellow paper into squares.
Put some glue dots on the paper plate and place squares on the paper plate.
Keep going until the white area is covered.
Add a brown stem and green leaves.

Putting numbers in order by 5's to 100.

We also made Apple Smiley Faces the day that we talked about the dentist using apples, peanut butter and marshmallows.

Feel free to post comments/suggestions below or to add a link to your blog featuring apple ideas.

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