Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Art

Has anyone else found some great art ideas on pinterest?  Here is another great idea I found.
I painted the students hands and arms brown and had them make a print on black paper to make it look like a tree.

Then, we went outside and I used white paint to paint each of their feet, to make a foot print.  The kids actually did well with this part and my first grade girl made a great helper washing everyone's feet and my three first grade boys did a good job helping the kindergarteners put their socks and shoes back on and tieing their shoes.

The students turned their footprints into "monsters" or "ghosts".

Then, they cut out their footprints and glued them to the tree paper.  They also used small bowls to trace circles onto yellow paper, to make a moon.

Here's some of their finished work.
Leave a comment below with a link to your favorite fall art project! 

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