Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Story Problems

We started a new unit on nursery rhymes this week.  The kids and I have been enjoying it.  For math class, I have left notes around the classroom, written by various nursery rhyme characters.  For example,

Dear Class,
I started out on the ground.  I climbed up the waterspout 3 times and down the waterspout 2 times.  Am I at the top or the bottom of the waterspout now?
  Just Hanging Around,
    The Itsy Bitsy Spider

 The first day, I "found" two notes written to the class.  One was by Jack and one was by Jill.  One of the boys in my class insisted that the notes were not written by Jack and Jill, but by some other kind person since Jack and Jill are not real people!

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