Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Look at Last Week

We talked about dentists, doctors and keeping healthy last week in kindergarten.  I got this idea off of pinterest and modified it a little to talk to my students about eating healthy.  They really enjoyed the vegetables and cheese!
In kindergarten, we also did an experiment with milk, soda, and hard boiled eggs to see what kind of effect milk and soda have on our teeth.  We used hard boiled eggs to represent our teeth and put on in a cup of milk and another one in a cup of soda.  Then, we made predictions about what might happen to the egg.  Some of the predictions were, ahem, a little unrealistic.  After a couple of hours, we checked on the egg.  The egg in soda had turned brown and the egg in milk remained white.  After seeing the results, we had a discussion on the benefits of drinking milk and the dangers of eating alot of sugar and soda.
Some of the students in both classes were spreading a rumor about one of the first graders, so in our combined Bible class, we talked about being a good friend.  We listed characteristics of what kind of friend they would want, and then we talked about being that kind of friend to others.

In first grade phonics, we are learning about a penguin named Pip, so we made a penguin snack using oreos, Hershey kisses, and candy corn.

In first grade reading we were reading a story about a fox that wished she had a friend to share a snack with, so we had a tea party on Fun Friday and I shared a snack with them.  Also, a kindergarten parent came to pick up their child and dropped off donuts right before our party!
Well, thanks for stopping by! 
     Miss Rachel

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