Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun Friday!

I had a lot of activities planned for Fun Friday, but the kids really got involve with the first project, so we really didn't get a lot accomplished, but it was great to see the kids take such an interest in a project.

A student's finished fall project.
 We also did a measurement activity outside to go with our math unit.  I put the kids in groups of two and gave them paper and a pencil.  I took them to the basketball court and had them stand on one of the black lines.  Then, I had them jump as far as they could and we marked it with chalk.  I gave them different materials like blocks, markers, snowflake blocks, paintbrushes, etc to measure how far they jumped.  Then, they recorded their answer and their partner's answer on their paper.

Two boys comparing their jumps.

Making the grass for the fall picture.

I gave the students an example of how to do the project, but I let them do it however they wanted all on their own.

We are doing a  measurement unit in math and I was pleased to hear them using so many comparison words.  For example, "My grass is tiny."  "Your grass is taller than mine."

More Unique Grass

Tiny Grass

The students used brown construction paper to make their own trees.

Then they tore up paper for the leaves.  This student made a "Halloween Picture."

This student made a night time scene.

This student made a sun out of the yellow paper and drew water pipes in the grass.

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